Filter Files

easyDITA enables you to filter search results.

Browse and Filter Tabs

The content library contains a Browse tab and Filters tab, which enable you to browse and filter the files shown in the file listing.

Use the Browse tab to navigate to specific folders.

Switch to the Filters tab to narrow the list of files shown during a search. Files are filtered based on the folder you are in and the preconfigured filter criteria selected.

For example, using the Browse tab, you can navigate to the Documentation folder. Then you can use the Filters tab to only show maps in the Documentation folder.
Note: Available options may vary based on your configuration.

Filter Search Results

Filter search results using the Filters tab to reduce the number of results and find the file you're looking for.

  1. Enter a search term into the Search bar and then press Enter.
  2. Optional: In the Searching field, narrow your search results by selecting a folder or collection to search in.

  3. In the Filters tab, narrow your search results by applying filters.

    You can apply filters for:

    • Last Modified date
    • Created date
    • Needs Attention
    • Owned by
    • Last modified by
    • Locked by
    • Status
    • Content Type
    • Metadata

    If you only want maps to show in your results, check the Map checkbox under Content Type to filter by that criteria.

You can also sort the results by clicking the Filename, Title, Type, Status, or Modified Date column headers in the content library.