File Locking

By default, easyDITA uses collaborative locks.

Collaborative Locking

easyDITA enables multiple users to collaborate on the same content at the same time.

When an easyDITA user opens a file, a collaborative lock is applied so that other users can also work in the file.

When collaborators are working in a file, a collaboration icon in the file listing indicates that the file is locked by collaborators.

The collaborative lock prevents certain system-level automated actions on the file until all users have stopped working in the file. When the collaborative lock is released, easyDITA records a revision in the file history.

Non-Collaborative Locking

When an external editor is used to open a file, it is locked non-collaboratively.

When you open files using an editor other than easyDITA, a lock icon in the file listing indicates that the file is locked non-collaboratively. Hovering over the icon shows who the file is locked by. Only the user of the external editor can work in the file. When the external editor releases the lock, the lock icon is removed.

Note: If you're an Administrator, you can force unlock files locked by others.

When a file is locked, a lock icon shows in the file listing to indicate that the file is locked.

Tip: You can use the Filters tab to view all files locked by you or a specific user.