easyDITA 21.9 Release Notes

easyDITA 21.9 introduces improvements to the publishing and content editor functionalities. The updated easyDITA includes an additional feature for administrators.

Release Date

June 11th, 2021

Content Editor


  • The last modified date is not modified in the scenario where you open a file in the topic editor, map editor, or source editor but do not commit any changes.

  • Content key reference (conkeyref) values are now correctly resolved in embedded (reused) content.

  • General conditional processing rules such as <prop action="exclude" /> are correctly processed by the content editor now.



  • Map titles in the PDF Generator output are correctly localized now.



  • In the Users interface, administrators can now download a list of active and inactive easyDITA users.

  • Implemented a new Reports interface compatible with Google Chrome™.

    Note: This feature may be disabled on your easyDITA instance. To enable this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager.