easyDITA 21.6 Release Notes

easyDITA 21.6 introduces improvements to the content editor and publishing functionalities.

Release Date

April 30th, 2021

Content Editor


  • Improved the Quick Insert menu placement.


  • Fixed Stepsection elements styling.

  • Improved how content references (conrefs) are created when you drag and drop elements.



  • Improved how Topichead elements are rendered in the PDF Generator output.

    Note: A <topichead> element with a @navtitle attribute assigned is rendered like a <topicref> element now. The navigational heading is added into the document body and is linked in the table of contents.
  • In the config.xml file, you can now add a secret value (for example, an SHA-256 hash) to webhook headers sent from easyDITA.


  • In the PDF Generator output, Keyword and Term elements with @keyref attributes resolve correctly now.

  • In the PDF Generator output, fixed conditional processing in map titles.

  • Fixed an issue with the @passthrough conditional processing attribute.