easyDITA 19.6 Release Notes

easyDITA 19.6 introduces enhancements to the topic editor and the publishing interface. The updated easyDITA may come with a new branching interface.

Release Date

July 11th, 2020

Important: Your easyDITA 19.6 instance may include the updated branching interface, which is ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.
Figure 1. Branching Interface for UAT.

The updated branching interface is compatible with Google Chrome™.

Topic Editor


  • You can now drag-and-drop items from the quick insert menu.
  • The topic editor warns you about non-unique IDs now.
  • You can now remove content key references (conkeyrefs) by using the Backspace keyboard key.
  • You can now expand and collapse prologs.

  • Improved the styling of long quote elements.
  • The XML comments (<!-- comment -->) can be configured to show in the topic editor.


  • Improved the Conditional View Settings window interface.
  • For DITAVALs, you can now open the source editor from the topic editor.
  • Fixed issues with caret behavior in the suggesting mode.
  • Fixed issues with rendering of some reused elements.



  • When publishing completes, the Output tab refreshes correctly now.
  • Fixed an issue with publishing multiple locales in the PDF Generator.
  • The Output button can now be accessed on low-resolution screens.
  • Updated the default DITA Open Toolkit publishing scenarios and publishing engines.

Content Migration


  • Files converted from DOCX to DITA are placed in a dedicated folder now.