easyDITA 19.5 Release Notes

easyDITA 19.5 introduces enhancements to the topic editor and map editor. The updated easyDITA features performance improvements and publishing-related fixes.

Release Date

May 16th, 2020

Topic Editor and Map Editor


  • You can now change the following Map Tree appearance settings.
    Icons Toggle
    Enables you to show or hide icons associated with different DITA elements in a map.
    Show Elements Toggle
    Enables you to show or hide advanced DITA elements like a data element or a reltable element.
    Element Names Toggle
    Enables your to hide element names, show short element names, or show full element names.


  • The topic editor no longer scrolls up when you remove elements.

    Figure 1. Topic Editor
  • The map tree handles multiple references to the same resource added to a single map now.

    Figure 2. Map Editor.

    The following example shows that “Task A” is referenced two times in “Map A”.

  • Moving the root map element to the bottom of the map tree does not open the Select Element Type window anymore.
  • Adding a table by using the quick insert menu does not cause an issue with an empty cols attribute anymore.
  • Spell check underlines do not get misplaced in the topic editor anymore.



  • Improved the Locale drop-down menu in the PDF Generator.

  • The PDF Generator XSLT tab contents are correctly saved now.

    Figure 3. PDF Generator
  • Mapref elements without a format attribute assigned are no longer included in the table of contents of the PDF Generator output.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading incomplete map bundles for local Static Site Generator templates development.



  • Source packages contain media files now.