easyDITA 19.4 Release Notes

easyDITA 19.4 introduces localization support for the PDF Generator, improves the topic editor operation, and includes bug fixes.

Important: easyDITA 19.4 implements two PDF Generator versions:
  • PDF Generator v1 (from easyDITA 19.3)
  • PDF Generator v2 (from easyDITA 19.4) that introduces localization support

You can change the PDF Generator version on your easyDITA 19.4 instance by using a drop-down menu in the PDF Generator interface.

Release Date

March 14th, 2020


New and Improved

  • Introduced localization support for the PDF Generator v2.
    Figure 1. Locales Option.

    The following example shows a PDF Generator v2 publishing scenario that enables you to select a locale.


  • You can again modify localized files.

Topic Editor

New and Improved

  • Title elements are automatically added when you insert figure elements.
  • Improved the topic editor behavior when you add nested lists.


  • In the topic editor, in the left pane, the Open icon opens a resource in a new tab now.
  • You can now remove the term element by using the Remove context-menu option.
  • Copying and pasting unordered list elements and ordered list elements no longer inserts extra attributes.

  • When you insert a desc element into a figure element, the desc element is inserted into the correct figure element now.

  • You can no longer cut content from a topic in a suggesting or viewing mode.



  • Users with no write privileges can access the Set Permissions window now.