easyDITA 19.2 Release Notes

easyDITA 19.2 brings new full tags views and a new Annotations interface to the topic editor along with bug fixes and the Preflight Check feature.

Release Date

December 13th, 2019

Login Screen

easyDITA 19.2 features a new login screen.

New and Improved

  • Redesigned the login screen.

Topic Editor

The improved topic editor introduces new full tags views and a new Annotations interface.

New Full Tags Views

Figure 1. Full Tags View
Figure 2. Full Tags With Attributes View

The Full Tags views enable you to:

  • Select elements by clicking tags.

  • Replace an element with another element by using the tag context menu.

  • Unwrap an element by using the tag context menu.

New Annotations Feature

You can add callouts to your images without leaving the topic editor.

Figure 3. Annotations Interface

The Annotations interface enables you to:

  • Open the Annotations interface by right-clicking an image and selecting Annotate Image.
  • Drag and drop the following elements from the topic preview pane on the right into the image preview pane on the left.
    • Ordered list items
    • Steps
    Note: The callouts update automatically as you add or remove the steps or ordered list items.
  • Move and rotate callouts in the image preview pane.


  • The Insert Button (+) appears in the topic editor now. There were cases when it wouldn't show.

  • Fixed an issue that was automatically switching the topic editor to the Viewing mode.

  • Improved the properties element styling.

  • Improved the draft comment element styling.

  • Fixed some cutting, copying, and pasting issues.

  • Fixed the Trash icon button for taxonomy-driven attributes in the Attributes tab so that clicking the icon correctly removes the attribute value from the element.

  • Reuse indicators no longer disappear near reused elements when you modify adjacent elements.

  • Fixed MathML elements behavior.

Review Interface

The improved Review interface archives tracked changes and includes other commenting-related fixes.

New and Improved

  • Accepted or rejected tracked changes are archived along with comments now.


  • Fixed interface issues when @-mentioning users in comments.

  • Fixed the Comment toolbar icon behavior in the Commenting mode.

Source Editor

The improved source editor enables you to exercise more control over the XML and Markdown documents.

New and Improved

  • You can now edit the xml:lang attribute by using the source editor.

  • You can now edit Markdown files in the source editor.

Map Editor

The improved map editor includes context menu and dialogs fixes.


  • The Insert dialog is no longer cut off when inserting key definitions towards the end of a docked map.

  • Right-clicking the lower part of a docked map no longer opens the context menu of your browser on Windows machines.

Content Library

The improved content library includes interface fixes.


  • The Thumbnail view shows items in a grid now.

  • Fixed issues with Metadata drop-down menus in the Bulk Change window.

Publishing Interface

The improved easyDITA publishing enhances the content portal publishing feature, adds the SVG support to the PDF Generator, and introduces the Preflight Check feature.

New Preflight Check Feature

You can quickly verify if there are any issues with your files before you publish your content by using the Preflight Check feature.

Figure 4. Preflight Check Passed
Figure 5. Preflight Check Failed
Figure 6. Preflight Check Details

The Preflight Check feature enables you to:

  • Check for the following issues before publishing your files:
    • Broken links
    • XML Validation errors
    • Links to files in Trash
  • Open the files that contain issues directly from the Preflight Check interface.
  • Refresh the Preflight Check manually by clicking .
The Preflight Check feature can be configured to be triggered automatically or manually when you publish a resource.
Figure 7. Manually Triggered Preflight Check

New and Improved

  • System metadata and custom taxonomy metadata is now included when publishing content to the content portal.

  • The PDF Generator supports publishing annotated images now.

  • The PDF Generator supports publishing SVG images now.


  • You can now use the following options when publishing content from releases:
    • Compare to
    • Webhooks
    • Debug publish

Users Interface

The improved Users interface provides you with more administration-related information.

New and Improved

  • The Users interface informs you that you cannot change passwords for accounts created by using Single Sign-On (SSO).


easyDITA 19.2 introduces the Taxonomy-Driven Attributes feature.

New Taxonomy-Driven Attributes Feature

The Taxonomy-Driven Attributes feature enables you to use taxonomy terms as attribute values for the DITA elements.

Figure 8. Taxonomy Created for the Taxonomy-Driven Attributes Feature.

In the following example the “novice” and “expert” taxonomy terms will be used as values for audience attributes.

Figure 9. Configured Taxonomy-Driven Attributes.

In the Attributes tab of the topic editor, your Taxonomy-Driven Attributes populate lists that correspond to particular attributes.


easyDITA 19.2 enhances restricted files security.


  • You can no longer change the status of a write-denied resource by using the topic editor.

  • You can no longer access read-denied resources through Share URLs.

Known Items and Issues

Annotated Images

  • Only one level of ordered lists and steps are currently supported.
  • PDFGenerator publishes annotated images out of the box. for The DITA OT requires a specific version and configuration.
  • Annotations are not grouped. So to move them around, you have to shift-select the number and the shape and then drag them where you want them.
  • Re-sizing images does not re-position the annotations.
  • Annotated images cannot be aligned. DITA currently does not support aligning an svg image

Full Tags

  • You can only place your cursor where text is allowed. Placing your cursors between tags that do not allow text between them is not supported yet.
  • Dragging tags will be supported in next version of easyDITA.