easyDITA includes interfaces that enable you to push your content through different stages of development, including the review stage.

Can anyone create assignments?

Yes, anyone can create or respond to assignments. You can use the Assignments interface in the Dashboard to view only assignments that need your attention or all assignments in easyDITA.

Do I get notified about comments?

Yes. By default, you receive notifications in the Inbox interface and your email whenever someone does the following things:

  • Adds a comment in a document that you own
  • Adds a comment in a document that you starred
  • Replies to your comments
  • Replies to a comment that you also replied to
Note: Notification settings may vary based on your organization's easyDITA configuration.

Is it possible to set a default dictionary, e.g. English (UK) for spell checking?

Yes, we can set any language as a default spell check language. Reach out to your easyDITA representative to have it configured.