easyDITA includes a powerful content library that enables you to manage your content.

How does moving files affect my links?

Moving files in the content library does not affect your links. easyDITA manages all links automatically, so you can move and rename files without worrying about breaking links and content references. You can view link dependencies for your files by using the Links tab.

What file types can I upload?

You can upload files that have an allowed file extension. For example, you can upload the following file types: DITA, XML, PDF, DOCX, TXT, PNG, JPG, or SVG.

You cannot upload files with no or restricted file extensions. For example, you cannot upload executable files like: EXE, APP, BAT, or COMMAND.

What image formats are supported?

You can link to any image format supported by the browser, including JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, and GIF.

We recommend that you use PNG or SVG images. Unless you have specific print requirements, do not use BMP or TIF images because they are not suitable image formats for web publishing.

How many characters can I have in a filename?

You can have up to 250 characters in a filename. We don't recommend using long filenames because it can make it difficult to read the full file name in the content library.

What happens when I remove a file?

Files in easyDITA are never fully deleted, they are moved to the Trash. You can restore removed files at any time.

How do I back up my files?

easyDITA automatically backs up your content library. If needed, you can also manually export your files from your content library.

Automatic Backups

easyDITA stores several types of data backups. To ensure high redundancy, the customers' data is replicated across multiple storage devices in a data center. These backups can be retrieved in a few minutes with a maximum amount of data loss.

For further redundancy, easyDITA also performs a full nightly backup of the customers' content as well as their configuration. These backups replicate to a second data center in the event that one data center has a disaster where data cannot be retrieved. The maximum amount of time for data loss is up to 24 hours as these full backups only run at that interval.

With the Enterprise subscription, you can sync backups with your own server. To configure this feature, we need to work with your IT team.

Manual Backups

You can manually export your files from easyDITA. In the content library, check the checkbox that corresponds to each file that you want to download. Then, right-click any of the selected files and click Download or Download + Dependencies .

Tip: If you're downloading a topic or map that uses resources such as media, conrefs, or keys, we recommend to download the file and it's dependencies.

How do I send someone a link to a topic, map, or folder?

You can easily send someone a link to a topic, map, or folder. You do that by right-clicking a resource in the content library and selecting Copy Share URL .

A ZIP file that I downloaded from easyDITA does not open on MacOS. Why?

The ZIP files created by easyDITA include all the folders for the files they include. If the easyDITA folders are deeply nested, the folders in the ZIP file will have the same deep structure. This can make the ZIP file complex. The Mac Archive Utility can have trouble opening complex ZIP files.

You can find other utilities in the App Store on your MacOS that open complex ZIP files without any trouble. For example, we verified that The Unarchiver works well with ZIP files from easyDITA.

Can I import a taxonomy from outside easyDITA?

Yes, your taxonomy can be imported into easyDITA by an easyDITA representative. Taxonomy structures must be in a SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) document. You can send the SKOS file to your Customer Success Manager so it can be uploaded into your instance.

Is there a find and replace feature?

Yes, easyDITA enables you to run find and replace operations on:
  • Your repository by using specialized reports
  • The XML code of a topic or a map by using the source editor

We can add a customized report that enables you to perform find and replace operations in easyDITA.

  • Restricting search to a defined repository
  • Restricting find and replace to specific text
  • Restricting find and replace to attribute values
  • Skipping approved documents
Source Editor

easyDITA includes a robust find and replace functionality in the source editor that allows you to do the following:

  • Match case
  • Match whole words
  • Restrict search to a part of a file
  • Use regular expression
  • Replace all matches
  • Replace matches one by one

Can I create a branch or release with a topic?

No, you cannot create a new branch or release with a topic. You can create a branch or release only with a map. Once the branch exists, if needed, you can add individual topics to it.